Brief Introduction of Insulated Pvc Gloves

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  • Date:2021/06/30

The insulated pvc gloves offer a selection of high performance industrial gloves that are fully lined with high performance industrial fleece. They are made with an elasticated finish for maximum strength and comfort. They feature rubberized palm grips for optimum hand protection as well as finger holes that allow you to comfortably cover large areas of your hands. 

These gloves feature an abrasion resistant pvc lining and an elasticated wrist portion that provide exceptional dexterity support. They are also available in a full-finger style for use with the palm up, as well as interlocking and half-fingers styles for use with either the palm up or with the fingers extended. You can also choose from a short-case style and a medium-sized duty belt style.

The insulated pvc gloves offer a high level of industrial dexterity protection against chemicals and other hazardous substances. The glove's liner resists chemicals and liquids up to forty percent beyond the EPA limits for industrial use. The insulated pvc gloves are also resistant to abrasion and compression. Our industrial gloves come in black and blue, in single and multiple dipped models.

The pvc coated hand gloves resists chemicals, fluids, and liquid penetration up to twenty-five percent above EPA limits. It is resistant to heat and abrasion. We offer a high grade pvc coated hand gloves which are easy to clean and protect from dirt and debris. The vinyl liner is made with an elasticated wrist and finger hole areas that offer high levels of dexterity support, as well as high resistance to abrasion, chemicals, liquids. Our pvc coated hand gloves is designed for heavy protective wear.

For more protection and higher abrasion resistance, pvc coated hand gloves feature a high density pvc liner and polypropylene weave upper. The polar fleece lining provides exceptional thermal insulation, keeping the hands warm in cold environment. There is a great many more options in the line of antimicrobial vinyl gloves. The antimicrobial vinyl gloves provide protection against chemicals, oils and  bacteria and may be used in applications where clothing is not appropriate such as the medical field. 

As you can see there are many choices available when it comes to using  insulated pvc gloves in your day to day life. You can protect yourself. Insulated pvc gloves offer superior comfort and fit for extended usage and are also safe for working environments. If you need an industrial strength glove that will protect your hands and help you perform your job safely and efficiently, select from the our website




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