Household / Medical 5-liter oxygen generator, atomized oxygen generator

  • Flow selection: 1-5L adjustable
  • Principle of oxygen production: molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption
  • power supply:220v~50Hz
  • Output Power:480W
  • Net weight:21 KG
  • Size:350*330*600(mm)
  • Accessories: Atomization suit; oxygen tube*2; filter cotton; oxygen mask; fuse; power cord; remote control; manual
  • Price Term: FOB / CIF
  • Payment Term: T/T L/C

PRODUCT Description

Product Description

Flow selection: 1-5L adjustable 

 Principle of oxygen production: molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption

 Power supply: 220v~50Hz        

Output power: 480W

Net weight: 21KG  Dimensions: 350*330*600 (mm)

Accessories: Atomization suit; oxygen tube*2; filter cotton; oxygen mask; fuse; power cord; remote control; manual

Core Selling Point

·5 liters ultra-quiet                     

·Oxygen atomization dual purpose

·95.6% oxygen concentration              

·365 days continuous oxygen supply

·Can be used with ventilator               

·remote control

Product Display

Packing and Shipping

1. FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples, Door-to-Door.

2. By Air or by Sea for mass production, Please advice Airport/ destination port.

3. Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods.


Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

We are a manufacturer also do trading business.

What’s your MOQ?

50 sets. For our first cooperation, your small order is acceptable, but the price is a little highly, you know, the price is based on quantity 

How does your factory do regarding quality control?

1) 100% QC inspection before shipment.

2) Skillful workers care every details in handling the producing and packing processes. Quality Control Department is specially responsible for quality checking in each processes.

What is your payment terms?

Our payment terms only T/T. T/T 50% as deposit, and 50% before delivery. We'll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.

Oxygen Concentrator - Factors That Influence the Price


The main factor in determining to buy Oxygen Concentrator is the requirement. Generally, oxygen concentrator use should be according to a physician's prescription and the physician would probably prescribe the correct flow requirement based on the patient's medical condition and the amount of supplemental oxygen therapy required for the patient to be completely healthy. Medical conditions that require OC usage should be evaluated by a physician first. Certain medical conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart and lung conditions, or certain cardiac surgeries may not meet the criteria for treatment with an oxygen concentrator.


The majority of O2 concentrators are of the cartridge type and the type of cartridge is also determined by the flow requirement of the user. Most units come with a minimum recommended flow of 4 liters per minute. These concentrations are designed to give the user sufficient oxygen supply for short periods in sports and exercises. A user who is doing a sport or exercise that requires oxygen should buy an oxygen concentrator that has a higher flow capacity than the minimum required by his sport or exercise.


One of the factors that determine the oxygen concentrator price is the equipment replacement cost. It is difficult to determine the total cost of the equipment when considering replacement costs over the period of its use because the equipment is worn out after some time. Hence, to calculate the up-front cost of the device, you need to add the cost of replacement of the cartridges along with the cost of maintenance of the concentrator over its lifetime.


The second factor that influences the oxygen concentrator price is the design and technology used in the manufacturing of the unit. The technology used in the manufacturing process of the product is one of the main determinants of the final price. There are many manufacturers in India that compete with each other. A buyer can obtain the portable oxygen concentrator according to his needs by visiting any of the websites of the manufacturers of these devices. The cost of manufacturing in India is very less when compared to the cost of manufacturing in the developed countries.


Before purchasing the portable oxygen concentrator, except for considering the oxygen concentrator price, you should also do a little bit of research about the various models available. You should consider the output power of the concentrator. Output power is measured in mega-liters per minute. If you need more power, you should opt for an enhanced model with more power. This can be determined by looking at the output power and the operating noise level of the device.


Operating noise level is also an important factor that influences the oxygen concentrator price. A high operating noise level results in increased wear and tear on the equipment over a period of time. A high operating noise level also results in the output becoming less efficient over a period of time. The efficiency of the equipment reduces due to this reduced output. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a product with low output power and a low output operating noise level.

Home Oxygen Machine


Buying an air-purifying or home oxygen machine is just as important as purchasing a new television or car, yet more personal. The portable oxygen concentrator can supply oxygen to many different places including aboard an airplane, in a medical facility, or in a rugged wilderness. The HMO or Health Maintenance Organization provides inexpensive access to affordable quality oxygen at home or in remote areas. There are also different plans for different types of use. Home users may be able to purchase an individual unit or a small group of refill units. Business owners or government employees may have a large group of oxygen supply machines distributed throughout their office or facility.


There are many benefits of owning a Home Oxygen Machine. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing an HMO and using home oxygen concentrators is that the patient can get low level oxygen therapy at home even if they do not need the high levels of oxygen found in the hospital. Patients who have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD usually cannot safely take regular commercial or hospital oxygen therapy. Using an HMO or Home Oxygen Machine allows these individuals to receive oxygen therapy when their oxygen tanks are empty or at a much lower concentration than is available through commercial or hospital oxygen therapy.


A home oxygen machine differs slightly from a portable concentrator because it is set up differently. A home oxygen machine has its own oxygen tank that holds a pre-determined amount of oxygen output. Typically the output of the concentrator is five liters of oxygen for every one liter of oxygen in the room. In order to achieve an oxygen concentration of seven liters per minute or higher, it requires an oxygen concentrator that contains seven ounces of oxygen for every one liter of room air. This is different than the five liter output typically found in medical facilities.


The fixed oxygen concentrator is also known as a closed system concentrator. Unlike portable concentrators, the fixed oxygen concentrator is not linked to a oxygen source. Instead, the concentrator is connected directly to a sealed unit that is powered by compressed nitrogen. This type of concentrator provides an extremely stable oxygen supply because the nitrogen is not exposed to oxygen or to other gas molecules. Nitrogen is typically a safer solution than pure oxygen because it is a gaseous form of energy and does not attach itself to living cells.


Portable oxygen tanks are designed to be used in an emergency preparedness kit on a frequent basis. If the home emergency supplies are limited, having one of these tanks is vital to maintaining emergency preparedness. When portable oxygen tanks are used regularly, however, the tanks should be changed every three months or more often as the stored oxygen gas becomes depleted. This means that a home user may need to replace their portable oxygen tank at regular intervals.


While choosing a home oxygen machine there are some important factors to consider. Size is an important factor because you want to fit the compressor to a suitable area. Larger units are likely to require a dedicated, and expensive, electrical outlet in order to work. Also, the volume of the gas and how quiet operation is a factor to consider.

How Can I Benefit From the Intraday Oxygen Machine?


One of the newest generations of skincare products that have recently hit the market is the intraceuticals oxygen machine. The Intraday Oxygen Machine is considered the safest and easiest to use facial oxidizer available in the market today. This machine functions by emitting oxygen into the face through the use of a face mask and air pump. The product will continuously provide oxygen to the facial area so that your skin will be moisturized and rejuvenated. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using Intraday Oxygen Machines and how they can help improve the quality of your skin.


The primary benefits of using the intraceuticals oxygen machine is that it can improve the look of your face. There are many people who are not satisfied with the way their skin looks, and one way to combat this is by using a good quality anti-wrinkle serum or a high quality eye serum. If you are able to obtain a good quality serum or eye serum with an effective oxygen facial machine, then you will be able to get rid of dark circles, spots, wrinkles, under eye circles and other skin imperfections. These serums can also help eliminate plump up skin under the eyes.


The second benefit of using the intraceuticals oxygen machine is that it can help reduce wrinkles. Wrinkles are inevitable as we age, and there are many people who suffer from wrinkles such as crow's feet, sagging of the brows and lines around the eyes. In fact, many wrinkles can be reversed by using a quality face and eye serum that contain an active ingredient such as intraceuticals oxygen machine. This is because the machine that is used by the consumer will continuously generate oxygen for the facial area. The more oxygen generated, the faster the process of collagen regeneration and skin rejuvenation will be stimulated.


Another great benefit of using the intraday oxygen machine is that it will remove all of the redness and irritation that are associated with using a traditional eye wrinkle cream. Some creams can cause a stinging sensation on the skin and this can also lead to a redness that lasts for several days. If you use the oxygen machine in conjunction with a good quality eye cream, you will be able to eliminate all of these problems immediately. Once you have gotten rid of all of your wrinkles, your next step is to increase the firmness of your skin by exfoliating your skin.


When it comes to using the intraceuticals oxygen machine, some people do not like to apply the product. For those individuals, there is an option for you to use the product topically. In fact, the Intraday Oxygen Machine can also work very well if you purchase an additional device such as the Intraday Moisturizer. The Moisturizer works very well when applied to the face. Many people will prefer to use this type of method instead of applying the Intraday Oxygen Machine directly to their skin. If you are uncomfortable applying the product topically, you can always purchase the Moisturizer instead.


While using this system, it is important to remember that you should only use the Intraday Oxygen Machine once each day. In fact, you should use the product approximately three times each week for the best results. This is especially important if you have very sensitive skin that experiences a lot of irritation. The hyaluronic acid serum that is included with the Intraday Oxygen Machine will help to reduce any inflammation that you experience on your skin. By using the product in conjunction with the hyaluronic acid serum, you will be able to enjoy a deep cleansing experience as well as smooth, clear, wrinkle-free skin.

Comparing The Inogen Oxygen Machine Cost


When it comes to choosing an inogen oxygen machine, you have many different price ranges in which to choose. Many companies offer the same products in different price ranges, so this article will look at some of the more popular options. You can also read an in depth comparison of the various units that you can buy online.


A portable oxygen concentrator costs around $5.69 a day, while the highest cost model is the Inogen One G4 which is also the most affordable by far. These options are more manageable, however the Inogen One G4 actually costs the most per day in comparison. This makes it a good choice for those looking to save money in the short term, however if you are looking for a long term solution then you may consider the Inogen One. This inogen oxygen machine cost several hundred dollars, although in my opinion this is a price worth paying as long as your loved one has regular oxygen therapy.


For those of you in the military or in aviation you will know that the inogen oxygen concentrator will reduce the amount of time in a hangover. In addition, they help to improve alertness and performance. The Inogen portable unit is perfect for anyone in the military or aviation as it reduces the recovery time and will cut down on the number of trips back and forth to the military hospital. If you do not regularly take your own oral oxygen the inogen oxygen concentrator could be your saving grace.


Of course, if you already take regular oxygen therapy and are happy with its benefits then you are probably well aware of the inogen oxygen machine cost. However, if you have an interest in purchasing an inogen oxygen machine but you are on a budget then you should look at the possibility of leasing or borrowing one from a medical supply specialist. A used or second hand unit can be found quite cheaply and in fact you may be able to find the perfect one to suit your pocket.


It is important to remember that while you can source a very high performing machine at a low inogen oxygen machine cost there are also risks associated with using them. As with any medical equipment it is important to follow the instructions provided with your machine carefully. While inogen oxygen concentrators are considered relatively safe the fact is that they do produce bubbles and there are possibilities of hypoxia. This is a condition where the body becomes deprived of oxygen causing severe brain damage and even death in extreme circumstances.


With this in mind it is important that you understand the possible consequences before taking out a loan or signing up to a leasing agreement. Before doing so you should ensure that you research the company thoroughly. It is important that the inogen oxygen machine cost which is quoted to be matched with a credible company who is known to sell affordable products. A quick internet search will reveal a large number of companies that deal in used and refurbished medical equipment. Spend some time checking out various online reviews in order to find out what the inogen oxygen machine cost has been like for others who have previously purchased them.

Oxygen Making Machine - A Brief Overview


For the health and fitness enthusiast who is interested in improving his/her performance, finding the best oxygen making machine for purchase may be a high priority. To help you find what you are looking for, we have written a small article that lists a few of the top manufacturers of these machines. However, before deciding on which manufacturer to purchase, it is important to determine your needs and budget first. This way, you will be able to choose the right product that will suit you best.


The typical components of an oxygen making machine mentioned in the previous paragraph are summarized below: An adjustable air compressor. Compressed air and zeolites. Two tanks/tanks filled with absorbent zeolites and/or particulate filters. Two compartments/channels with air vents in between. And lastly, two compartments/channels with adjustable straps for your inhalation and exhalation systems.


When buying an oxygen generator, it is important to consider the amount of space you can allocate for it. Large manufacturers usually produce high purity oxygen gas generators and stoves which can fit in almost any size workplace. On the other hand, compact manufacturers tend to produce smaller products which are still very useful for your home use. Therefore, it is always best to identify first your working conditions and space availability before going to look for the most suitable equipment.


Compressed air, oxygen gas and zeolites are the three main components of the machines. Zeolites and/or particulate filters can be used as an alternative to commercial oxygen generation systems. In fact, many homeowners have successfully used them for their homes, while commercial systems can also be used in industrial settings such as power stations and chemical plants. Commercial adsorption oxygen generators are usually connected to a compressor in order to generate high pressure air streams which are then directed to a turbine.


For home users, the most commonly used type of oxygen making machine is the compressed air oxygen concentrator. A typical concentration will include a tank, a cylinder and a fan. The entire unit will be connected to a central circuit board. These units are often powered either by electricity or by batteries. Smaller industrial manufacturing units can also be powered with the help of a 12 V battery.


Regardless of the type of oxygen making machine you buy, be sure to choose one that is of good quality and will last for many years. Make sure to buy one from a manufacturer you can trust, so that you can be sure of its quality and long life. The type of oxygen machine you buy also depends on the amount of oxygen gas needed for combustion. You need to purchase the appropriate size tank to hold the required amount of oxygen gas for your industrial purposes.




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