The Benefits of Using Disposable Latex Gloves

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  • Date:2021/01/04

Disposable Latex Gloves is one of the best-selling varieties of personal protective equipment. Made from synthetic rubber derived from rubber tree sap, Disposable Latex Gloves offer excellent strength and puncture resistance along with anti-allergenic properties. Originally developed as an effective substitute for those with a latex allergy, Disposable Latex Gloves quickly gains popularity owing to their superior strength and puncture resistance.

In fact, disposable latex gloves boast higher chemical and mechanical resistance than other forms of personal protective equipment. This superior wear and tear resistance makes them highly functional in the workplace. Such high-quality disposable gloves made with industrial rubber compound may last up to three years before requiring replacement.

Durability and high performance make Disposable Latex Gloves an excellent choice for those with repeated exposure to chemicals, such as those involved in the food industry. In addition, disposable latex gloves provide exceptional dexterity even without direct exposure to chemicals. These gloves offer high levels of dexterity, resist irritations, and protect the hands from accidental touching of chemicals. In addition, they are highly recommended for medical professionals, who often handle chemicals on a regular basis.


A popular application feature in disposable latex gloves provides barrier protection for those with latex allergies, protecting the hands from chemicals like lanolin and phenol. Phenol is added to many cosmetic products, including lipstick. Though it is added to a short-term basis, prolonged contact with phenol can cause a reaction, which could include a severe burning sensation. Without barrier protection, a person with a latex allergy may develop a runny, itchy nose, eyes, and throat. These nose, eyes, and throat irritation can then lead to further respiratory problems, and in the worst-case scenario - anaphylactic shock. For this reason, medical professionals often advise patients with a latex allergy not to apply makeup while wearing these gloves.

Disposable Latex Gloves function in an array of different ways and come in a variety of forms and styles. The most convenient form of these gloves includes a pull-up liner or a glove insert that makes removal of the gloves simple and quick. These types of gloves also allow users to exchange them easily between tasks, instead of having to carry around a second pair. Whether users are performing work or acting as laboratory technicians, or working in a doctor's office or medical setting, latex disposable gloves offer a great way to protect the hands.




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